Going off the (WiFi) grid!

Look! No modem!

In my last blog post I mentioned that I was making a 1st world life altering change and getting rid of the internet in my apartment (though I do still have my smart phone…so it’s not like I went cold turkey).

I’ve been without wifi for a couple weeks now, so I thought I would post about my experience in case anyone has been considering doing the same. I’m a fan of pros and cons lists, so that’s how I’m going to break it down.


1. I’ve been way more intentional with my digital time! I only have 2GB of data so I have to be selective of what I’m going to use my limited resources on (which really helps with the mindless internet surfing, YouTube rabbit holes, and random Google searches).

2. I’ve been spending more time at the library! Not having constant internet means that I’ve been able to fill my free time with reading books, and when I do really need to use the internet I have to go outside of my home to do so. This again helps me be more intentional with my time because I have to decide if what I want to do on the computer is worth putting on real pants (spoiler alert: usually is not).

3. I’m saving money! Not only am I not spending $50 a month on internet but I also haven’t been online shopping! I hate doing shopping on my phone, it just feels tedious, so any impulses I may have made from email marketing have been nipped in the bud.

4. I have more free time! Not wasting my time on the internet means I have more time to read books, do bible studies, water my plants (they’re barely hanging on btw), and talk to James on the phone.


1. It’s kind of a pain in the a$$. I pay a lot of my bills online, track my spending using Mint, and keep a spreadsheet of all of my debt to keep track of how much I have, what the interest is, and what my monthly payments are. Not being able to look at my accounts at a moment’s notice makes it a little harder to keep up with my spreadsheet and monitor where my spending is at. One solution to my online banking has been to set up alerts with my bank account. I get a text every morning with my account balance and if something seems wrong I can easily check my account at work or head somewhere with internet.

2. The FOMO is real. I’m out of the loop on a lot of funny videos, TV shows, documentaries, and sometimes even music. Listening to everyone talk about a TV show on Netflix and not being able to watch it can be a bit of a bummer. This sometimes results in me forcing my boyfriend to watch a couple of episodes of a show using his Netflix account when I go to visit him (which he does because he’s wonderful).

Would I recommend it?

That definitely depends on who you are. If you like being up-to-date on the latest movies/TV shows or playing online games this may not be the best choice for you. For me after getting rid of my Netflix account I realized that I didn’t use my internet enough to outweigh the costs. The main reason I used the internet was for listening to podcasts or music on Pandora, and there are work arounds for both of those things. I can download podcasts to my phone when I’m connected to the internet and listen to them later. For $5 a month I can get Pandora Premium and download a couple hours of a station onto my phone to listen to online.

For now it’s working for me, and if I ever DO feel the need to add it back in I will likely just go to an unlimited data plan because I can use that wherever I am instead of needing to be tied into my apartment.


2 thoughts on “Going off the (WiFi) grid!

  1. I get where youre coming from with going “off the grid”. I have been trying to do so myself. I just suffered a major blow when I found out that in the U.S it is impossible to get a phone that is not smart. I have contacted Nokia Directly and they said they are sorry but Americans only want smart phones. 😦 … Anyways, good luck remaining off, it’s not easy nowadays.


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