How To: Tea Tree Essential Oil

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My It Works! Tea Trea oil is joining my medicine cabinet of essentials!

Essential oils seem to be all the rage, but it can be hard to figure out what on earth all of the different oils are and what they do. An absolutely essential oil to have on hand is tea tree oil! It has antibiotic, anti-fungal, antiseptic and antiviral properties that make it perfect for a million and a half home remedies!

So, how can you use tea tree oil?

Treat acne

If you ever get hormonal acne then this is something you need to keep on hand! Hormonal acne is the painful acne under the skin that typically doesn’t have a head. It hurts, lasts forever, and bleeds if you do try to pop it. Use tea tree oil as a spot treatment by putting a small amount on a q-tip and applying to any problem area to clear up acne quickly (and cheaply!).

Get rid of dandruff

Every not and then I get dandruff, and it’s so embarassing! I wish I had found this earlier instead of fighting an endless battle with shampoos. Just put a drop or two in your shampoo when you shower. That’s it!

P.S. If you have kiddos you can also use this to get rid of lice!

Clean your home without all the chemicals!

That’s right! Just mix 10 drops with 4oz of purified water to get an all-natural all-purpose cleaner! It is especially good for getting any sticky residue (think stickers and tape) because the oil acts as an emulsifier and allows the water to combine with the stick!

Say “bye bye bye” to stinky feet

Having smelly feet can be incredibly embarrassing, and tea tree oil is a simple way to help alleviate the problem! Use a cotton ball to apply tea tree oil all over those puppies when they’re especially ripe. Don’t forget the spaces between your toes! The area between your toes is a perfect breeding ground for the bacteria that cause the stink.

Use it in your defuser!

One of my coworkers recently brought an infuser into the office and I’m mildly obsessed (and searching for my own on Amazon!). The diffuser is going to come in handy once cold season hits because having tea tree oil in the air helps fight bacterial infections and can loosen up chest congestion. I’m definitely going to be trying this tea tree oil trick in the fall!

What are your favorite essential oils? Any home remedies that you swear by? Let me know in the comments!


‘Errbody Poops

Everybody poops butt no one wants to talk about it. I’ve often been told that I don’t have a filter, so let’s talk business.

Pooping isn’t just that embarrassing thing you do in the unisex bathroom at work, it’s a visual indicator of your body’s overall health. Think of it as your body’s morning newspaper and take the time to read the headlines daily. The shape, size, color and texture (yes, I said texture) can tell you a lot about what’s going on inside of you.

Wait, I have to look at my poop?

Yes! If it’s too hard, too soft, or weird colored there could be something going on. The sense of urgency you feel when you have to go and the difficulty of going are also super important, though.

How often should I go?

Well, everyone has their own normal. Some people go every day (which is the goal), while some people only go 2 or 3 times a week (and are then full of sadness and poop). What’s most important is that it’s not too solid, not too runny, but just right.

What happens when the Browns don’t want to go the Super Bowl?

That’s when we bust out the handy, dandy Bristol Stool chart. That’s right. Someone sat down and made a diagram of poop. And you were thinking I was the weird one…although I am about to explain a poop diagram, so you’ve got a fair point. Alright Cosby kids, let’s go to the pool.


These types are signs of being constipated. With Type 1, those little nuggets have been chilling in you for a while and aren’t easy to pass. If you’re dropping these milk duds you are probably backed up. Try drinking more water or upping your intake of fruits and veggies. If the struggle is still real, bust out the big guns and get a bottle of Regular, $27. You can use it daily, and if this is a constant issue you may want to consider taking it once or twice a week.

So, what’s normal?


These are your normal range! Type 4 is considered the perfect #2, however you shouldn’t be concerned if you’re dropping threes. If neither of these happens too often you should definitely take a daily probiotic (I totally do!). It takes care of that good gut bacteria and keeps you moving. My two favorites are Align, $37 and the It Works! Probiotic, $31,

Going too much?


There is such a thing! If you’re experiencing either of these you may have diarrhea and will need to be drinking more water and replacing the minerals you’re losing. If you want to skip past the sugars in Gatorade, grab some actual fruit juice (read the labels AKA not Juicy Juice) or put some Greens into your water. I’m a big fan of the berry Greens on the Go, $35, because they’re super convenient and taste yummy. They are also available in bulk containers.

I hope this was as informative for you to read as it was fun for me to write! All pricing on It Works products are with my discount, which I am happy to extend to you. Just reach out to me and I’ll get you pooping again 😉

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