Perfectly Posh Review!

perfectly posh

My friend Mary recently become a Perfectly Posh consultant, which means I’ve gotten to try a bunch of different goodies! While I haven’t worked my way through all of my samples I wanted to share a few products that I really loved and would recommend!

My Favorites!

All I’ve Avo Wanted

I did not expect to love this nearly as much as I do. The first time I used it was on a hot sweaty day, and it wasn’t exactly the oil-sucking experience I was used to. However, this stuff has come in absolute clutch on calming my skin down after sunburns! It doesn’t leave my face feeling sticky like aloe vera and I know it’s not going to clog up my pores. I also used it after a mask mishap. I tend to have sensitive skin and tried a new mask which set my face on fire. After applying this stuff the redness and pain was gone shortly after. I’m excited to buy a bottle of this for the winter!

Gender Bender

I was excited to try this product mainly because I’m on the hunt for a face wash for my boyfriend. He’s definitely a “one soap for everything” man and I’m trying to move him away from that. I don’t think I’ll win the conditioner battle, but maybe I can get him to use face wash! Mary recommended this stuff because her husband loves it, and I can see why! It has a yummy, manly smell to it, and when I use it to wash my face I definitely feel nice and clean afterwards! It also comes in a body wash, which I believe is being discontinued so be sure to grab it before it’s gone!

BFF: Best Face Forever

Because I have sensitive skin I’m always weary of exfoliators but this one was surprisingly nice! I don’t think I could use it every day just because it was a little scratchy, but it’s definitely something to consider adding in to the weekly routine.

Products I Can’t Wait to Try!

Beach Body

After my weekend at the Ozark…I’m pretty sunburnt. This morning I noticed the beginnings of some peeling (gross!) so I’m planning on busting out my sample of this in the next few days! I also think this will be great in winter. My skin gets really dry in the winter and I always get these annoying dry skin bumps. I’m interested to see if that will help with those as well! 🙂

Yo Go, Coco!

I’ve transitioned over to being a bar soap fan, and when I finish up with my bar of Dove I’m going to give this a try! I love that bar soaps don’t have a ton of packaging, which means I don’t make a ton of garbage. Perfectly Posh has a TON of bath bars that I will be slowly making my way through.

Perk! Skin Stick

Apparently this skin stick can help soothe headache & neckaches – and I am all about that! Working a desk job means a lot of staring at a computer screen, and that tends to lend itself to some headaches (from the lights) and neck pain (from my mediocre posture).